About Us

Little did we know that we would fall in love with Delhi when we first stepped out of our house to explore the city. It had been years since we were living in Delhi and knew about it of course, we knew as much as most of us do when we read our history and search Google. So we knew the usual like Delhi has Red Fort, there were seven cities of Delhi, New Delhi was built by the British, Old Delhi is famous for its street food, Khan market is a expats paradise and the like. But somewhere in our hearts the connect to our city was missing. The jigsaw puzzle was incomplete so we decided to move out of our house and meet Delhi.

Each day an hour spent exploring this beautiful city awed us like never before. The grandeur of the city built and rebuilt by numerous rulers is still palpable as the amazing stories of yesteryears are lovingly held in imprints of history that we still find all over Delhi, hidden amongst the touch of modernization of the 21st Century. Delhi though outwardly is the modern capital of India inwardly still hides in itself Djinns of the past.

You may wonder why we started these walking tours the only reason is that we wanted to share with everyone in Delhi or visiting Delhi what we managed to find an began to love without having to worry about their pocket size.

Meet The Directors

A Writer by Hobby, Filmmaker by Profession, Explorer by Heart and Lover of Delhi by Accident are only a few ways in which we can describe our director. Having moved to her paternal city at the age of fourteen Shruti’s passion for Delhi grew slowly and steadily. Her Grandmother’s stories were the starting point from where our director’s love affair with Delhi began. After having completed her graduation in English literature, she trained in the art of film making but found her true calling when she forayed into the tourism and hospitality industry. She loves to spend her time interacting with people, walking through the streets of Delhi, writing about her experiences, reading history and telling stories to whoever is patient enough to hear them.

 An Authentic Delhiite is how we can describe our other director. Born and bought up in Delhi he loves his city and everything about it. He is a Photographer by Hobby, Web/Graphic Designer by chance, Film maker by training and Sharp Observer by Nature. Another unique talent of his is being able to search anything on the World Wide Web. Slightly reserved at first meet, his camera does most of the talking. His nature of keeping in mind the minutest of details makes him a great organizer. Our Director’s love for travel and his good navigational skills have helped him in exploring various hidden parts of Delhi.