Namaste! (Hello) So are you planning to travel to India soon, and wondering how you will converse with the locals? You don’t have to worry, actually you will be surprised to see how much English is used as a language in India, and so even if you are travelling to different parts of the country you’ll mostly find people easily conversing in English with you. Today in most metro cities you will also find people speaking a new language i.e. ‘HINGLISH’ which is essentially just Hindi and English two most common languages in India being meshed together to form one new way of communication. So to make it easy for you we have compiled a list of some common Hindi words and phrases that will make your conversations with the locals easy and fluent. We are also providing a printable copy and audio of the words & phrases at the end of this post for your convenience; so that you can keep it handy when need be.


Hello Namaste

Yes, Yeah, Ya, Yep Haan
No Nahin

You (for elders) Aap
You (for youngsters) Tum
Us Hum
All of Us Hum Sab
People Log
Father Pita
Mother Maa
Brother Bhai

Sister Behen
Today Aaj
Tomorrow, Yesterday Kal
Day after tomorrow Parson
Left Bayen
Right Dayen
Thanks, Thank You Shukriya

Good Accha
Very Good Bahut Accha
OK Theek Hai
Please Kripiya
Please Stop Kripiya Rukiye
Time Samay
Sorry Maaf Kijiyega
Please excuse me Kripiya suniye
Morning Subah
Afternoon Dupeher
Evening Shaam
Night Raat
Money Paisa
Temple Mandir
Mosque Masjid
Thing/Object Cheez

Clock/Watch Ghadi
Crowd Bheed



How are you? Aap Kaise Hain
I am Fine Main theek Hoon
We’ll meet again/ See you latter Phir Milenge
What’s your name? Aap ka naam kya hai
My Name is <name> Mera Naam <name> Hai
I am Going Main Ja Raha Hoon (male)
Main Ja Rahi Hoon (female)

Where are you going? Aap kahan ja rahe ho?
Where are we going? Hum kahan ja rahe hain?
How is your family? Aapka parivaar kaisa hai?
Nice to meet you Aapse mil kar khushi hui



I am coming Main aa raha hoon (male)
Main aa rahi hoon (female)

I need a taxi/ auto Mujhe taxi/auto cahiye
Let’s go Chalo
Leave me alone Mujhe akela chor do
Get lost (in case you need it) Jaao yahan se
I have to go to my hotel Mujhe aapne hotel jana hai
I want to go to the airport/railway station Mujhe airport/railway station jana hai
Where is the toilet? Toilet kidhar hai?
I don’t know Mujhe nahin pata/ malum
Who are you Aap kaun hain?
I understood Main Samajh Gaya
Go away Jao yahan se
It’s very noisy here Yahan bahut shor hai
What are you thinking? Aap kya sooch rahe hain?
Are you free right now? Kya aap abhi khali hain?
Are you busy? Kya aap abhi busy/vyast hain?
We will go by the meter Hum meter se jayenge
How far? Kitna door?
How much? Kitna hua?



Food Khana
Water Pani
Vegetables Sabzi
Tomato Tamatar
Potato Aloo
Onion Pyaaz
Spices Masala
Fruits Phal
Sugar Cheeni
Tea Chai
Indian Bread Roti
Rice Chaawal
Breakfast Nashta
Banana Kela
Apple Seb
Grapes Angoor
Orange Santara
Spoon Chammach
We are hungry Humein Bhookh lag rahi hai
Can I have the menu please Kripya menu dedijiye
Don’t make it too spicy Zada mirchi mat daliye ga



How much does this cost? Yeh Kitne ka hai?
This is expensive? Yeh bahut mehnga hai
Any discount? Koi Discount hai?
Give a better price Kuch daam kam kar dijiye
Ok. I’ll take this Theek hai yeh de do
I don’t want this Mujhe ye nahin cahiye
Bill Please Kripya isska bill de dijiye
I want to buy a ticket Mujhe ek ticket kharidna hai



0 Shunya
1 Ek
2 Do
3 Teen
4 Chaar
5 Paanch
6 Cchhai
7 Saat
8 Aath
9 Nau
10 Dus
20 Bees
30 Tees
40 Chaalis
50 Pachaas
60 Saath
70 Sattar
80 Assi
90 Nabhe
100 Sau
1000 Ek hazaar
10,000 Dus hazaar
1 million Dus lakh



Cow Gaye
Horse Ghoda
Donkey Gadha
Dog Kutta
Cat Billi
Buffalo Bhains
Squirrel Gilheri
Elephant Hathi
Camel Oont
Goat Bakari
Chicken/Cock Murga


* The above mentioned translations are the ones that are used in spoken language and they are not the literal translations of the above mentioned words & phrases. 


Download Printable list of Common Hindi Words & Phrases for foreign travelers coming to India Download all the audio files of translations provided above
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By Shruti Dutt

I am Shruti Dutt the Co-Founder at Walks 2 Remember. The days that I am actually not out there exploring the city my self and thinking up crazed traveller experiences for Walks 2 Remember, I try my hand at part- time writing, so that I can share all that I know with others because don’t we all love that?